The best and worst thing about the Web is the wealth of information available on any given topic, some of it good, some of it bad, and often just plain daunting in the sheer volume of it.

So as I encounter blogs or articles that I find particularly illuminating, I’ll share them here with you. Feel free to share your favorites as well. I encountered two wonderful blog entries today that just begged to be shared…

First, Fat of the Land blogger Langdon Cook of Seattle, WA, posted a wonderful entry this week on burdock root, also known as gobo. I’m a big fan of cooking my medicines (what can I say? I love to eat!), and gobo is a prime example of how fine medicinal food can be. Fat of the Land focuses on foraging wild foods and herbs, as well as (recently) hunting—always an interesting and inspiring read.

Second, in honor of our brave spring flowers, a lovely blog entry on violets from British herbalist Sarah Head, who writes the Tales of a Kitchen Herbwife blog. Her writing is both evocative and straightforward and always makes me itch to run outside and get my hands dirty.

Happy spring everyone!