This past Tuesday, my herbalism class spent the afternoon hiking, talking, learning, laughing, and being generally blissed out by the bounty of a beautiful day and a beautiful place. Water tumbling over spills of rocks, clambering over boulders, and green growing in impossible crannies, up through last year’s fallen leaves, practically scrambling over each other trying to get our attention.

We made a lot of herb friends. Don’t believe me? Allow me to take you on a tour. In order of appearance…

Cancer RootCancer Root. Conopholis americana.

Sweet CicelySweet Cicely, Anise Root. Osmorhiza longistylis.

Jack-in-the-PulpitJack-in-the-Pulpit. Arisaema triphyllum.

Wild GingerWild Ginger. Asarum canadense.

Wild YamWild Yam. Dioscorea villosa.

Wild YamAnd because one picture just isn’t enough – more wild yam. Sigh. Isn’t she beautiful?

Round-lobed HepaticaRound-lobed Hepatica. Hepatica nobilis obtusa.

Solomon's SealSolomon’s Seal. Polygonatum biflorum.
Not to be confused with:

Plumed Solomon's SealPlumed Solomon’s Seal, or False Solomon’s Seal. Maianthemum racemosum.

ToothwortToothwort, Toothache Root, Pepper Root. Cardamine diphylla.

Wild HydrangeaWild Hydrangea. Hydrangea arborescens.

Wild GeraniumWild or Spotted Geranium. Geranium masculatum.

Downy Rattlesnake-PlantainDowny Rattlesnake-Plantain. Goodyera pubescens.

BloodrootBloodroot. Sanguinaria canadensis.
Note the variations in leaf shape. WOW.

Pink Lady's-SlipperPink Lady’s-Slipper. Cypripedium acaule.

PartridgeberryPartridgeberry. Mitchella repens.
**Also called “Squaw Vine,” though this name is being discouraged due to its derogatory implications.

Dwarf CinquefoilDwarf Cinquefoil. Potentilla canadensis.

Common PawpawCommon Pawpaw. Asimina triloba.

Poison IvyPoison Ivy. Toxicodendron radicans.
This plant has been used medicinally, though I wouldn’t advise it. I’m more including it because it is very helpful to be able to identify this plant before it identifies you *grin*

TurkeytailTurkeytail. Trametes versicolor.

SassafrasSassafras. Sassafras albidum.

Yellow DockYellow Dock, Curly Dock. Rumex crispus.

Quelle belle journee.