I love tincturing. I thoroughly enjoy blending teas. But by far my favorite way to take (and make) my herbal medicines is in the form of food. If you’ve ever visited my other blog, The Purple House, you know that my better half and I are more than slightly food-obsessed—we both love to cook, we love to cook together (the fact that I happily share kitchen space with this man speaks volumes), we love discovering new foods, and we love knowing where our food comes from, having a relationship with our local farmers and raising a lot of our food here at home.

This morning I was turned on to a wonderful upcoming online course on Culinary Herbalism from LearningHerbs.com, and I am so excited to participate! I am constantly looking for more new ways to eat my medicinals. They’ve got one video already online, about 18 minutes long, and if it is any indicator, this online course is going to be great! If you’re interested, visit the Culinary Herbs site and sign up to receive e-mail notifications about the course and other learning opportunities. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to view the first video, featuring an herbal meal prepared by K.P. Khalsa, President of the American Herbalists Guild. Damon and I prepared the greens recipe from this video tonight—we had a TON of collards, kale, spinach, and mustard from our garden and our co-op.

LearningHerbs.com also has several free publications, videos, and online courses. I haven’t checked these out yet, but I plan on doing so very soon.

Do you have any favorite Web sites or blogs for free and affordable herbal education? Please feel free to share them in the comments…  And have a beautiful day!